The Plexus Message Broker is a high performance, extensible, resilient, and highly reliable Windows®-based messaging system developed, expanded, and finely tuned by the Stahura-Brenner Group over the course of 15+ years. It is often used with 24/7 technical support to support critical business applications. Still operational at many client sites, it provides standard interface adapters to most current and legacy communications technologies. It also provides customizable as well as programmable data path filters that tailor a solution to a client’s particular needs. Whether it is converting legacy protocols and messages to current technology interfaces or simply interfacing one technology to another, the Plexus Message Broker can get the job done in a quick and efficient manner.

Some areas in which we have provided customer solutions include:

Health Care

A health care company needed to interface over 20 Linux systems to IBM systems utilizing IBM MQSeries® messaging technology. Each Linux system managed over 1,000 user workstations; and given the network size and volume of messages, downtime would not be tolerated. The Plexus Message Broker easily sustained message flows of 200 messages per second with bursts of 500 messages per second.

Emergency Services

The nationwide Central Stations Alarm Centers needed to interface to the US public safety network. The Plexus Message Broker replaced the manual phone call methodology thereby allowing the Alarm Centers to electronically request police, fire or medical services via Web Services. This change in technology significantly improved emergency service response times.

Justice/Law Enforcement

A State Agency needed to access federal criminal justice information as well as federal stolen vehicle (“Hot File”) information. The Plexus Message Broker translated State Agency message formats into federal message formats and vice versa, as well as automatically managed messaging when federal services went offline. No changes were necessary to the State Agency system.

Unemployment Benefits

A legacy COBOL application needed to interface to the Unemployment Information Interstate Connections Network (UI-ICON) to verify that individuals enrolling for unemployment benefits had not also applied for benefits in other states. The Plexus Message Broker transitioned messages between the legacy protocols and MSMQ® messaging. No changes to the legacy mainframe system were required.

Legacy Terminals

A State Police agency replaced its legacy system with a state-of-the-art IBM system. However, the majority of the precinct terminals used a legacy protocol that could not connect to the new system. The Plexus Message Broker was brought in to provide an interface between the legacy protocol and IBM MQSeries®, as well as to implement real-time transaction level authorization security enhancements.

Public Safety

The International Justice and Public Safety Network (Nlets) is ending support for one of its protocol interfaces which many State agencies still use. The Plexus Message Broker will be placed at each State Agency and will convert the old protocol into a supported protocol. No changes to the State agencies’ systems will be necessary.