Unemployment Benefits

Technical Summary

unemploymentBenefitsThis Plexus Message Broker solution features the following technology:   Microsoft® MSMQ messaging, legacy system interface, and message translation. This solution’s site and Plexus Message Broker configurations touch on these features below.

Site Configuration

As illustrated below, this site maintains a single physical server that contains a single instance of the Plexus Message Broker. The site also maintains a hot standby physical server.


As with all Plexus Message Broker installations, adding physical servers, increasing Plexus Message Brokers instances per physical server, or transitioning to run the Plexus Message Broker in a VM environment is only a matter of installation and configuration.  No other Plexus Message Broker modifications are necessary.  Resources are typically added for performance reasons, local redundancy reasons, or both.

At this particular site, the response time for UI-ICON transactions is not critical.  The UI-ICON service can be down for a fairly long time without serious impact to business.  Hence, this very simple configuration is suitable.

Plexus Message Broker Configuration

As illustrated below, this Plexus Message Broker uses three message servers: one from the UI-ICON, one to the UI-ICON, and one to/from the legacy system. The former two have Web Services filters and are implemented separately for a less complicated and less risky implementation.  The single Unisys MCP Message Server maintains multiple TCP connections with the Unisys System and also manages both the inbound and outbound MSMQ queues.


Plexus Message Server Functions

Message Server Function
From UI-ICON Receives Web Services call; unwraps the message; converts the character set to EBCDIC; inserts the message into ToUnisys MSMQ queue
To UI-ICON Removes a message from the FromUnisys MSMQ queue; unwraps the message; converts the message to ASCII; wraps the message and insert it into the ToUIICON queue.
Unisys MCP Receives a message from the FromUIICON queue; unwraps the message; sends it to the Unisys MCP Message Server via one of two persistent TCP sessions that are maintained with the Unisys MCP server

Receives a response from the MCP server over one of the two TCP sessions; wraps the response in a MSMQ format; inserts message into the ToUIICON queue