What Stahura-Brenner Group has to offer

Consulting services provided by SBG cover a number of skills needed in the Information Technology application software life cycle.  These services include: creation of formal RFP request or response packages; migrating data between two systems when replacing one of the end-point systems with another; development of system interoperability design and documentation; implementation of interoperability solutions including the development of custom adapters; creation of either tablet application or traditional website front-ends to existing systems; as well as project management and oversight needed to ensure the projects stay on time and on track.


Request for Proposal (RFP) Services

SBG provides system development and integration RFP services to organizations which may not have this particular skill within its IT staff.  SBG helps clients write formal RFPs, documenting the specifications for a new hardware or software system. SBG also helps clients write formal responses to RFPs, documenting how the client hardware/software fulfills the specifications of the given RFP.

Data Migration

SBG is experienced in migrating of data on a variety of database platforms, including heavy hitters such as Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server as well as smaller database platforms such as Microsoft® Office Access, and the much beloved user-designed Microsoft® Office Excel spreadsheets.  Whether a client needs to simply migrate their data from a one software version to another or to migrate data to a whole new database platform, SBG can help.

Front-End Applications

SBG can develop either internet-facing or internal-facing windows-based websites as well Android™ applications that interface to existing client systems, breathing new life into these systems.

Project Management and Oversight

Sometimes a client does not have the expert IT or domain knowledge or sufficient staff to manage and oversee a contract. In these cases, SBG can assist with the management and oversight to ensure that the client’s requirements are met.

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