Support Hours and Options


Two levels of support are provided for the Plexus Message Broker: Business Hours Support and After Hours Extended Emergency Support.

Business Hours Support

  • Provided 8 AM EST to 8 PM EST
  • Support via either phone call or email
  • SLA for phone call response – 30 minutes
  • First 90 days after production installation included in pricing per the license agreement

After Hours Emergency Support

  • Provided to cover hours outside of Business Hours Support
  • Purchased in addition to Business Hours Support
  • Only Production systems are covered
  • Only Production emergency scenarios are covered
  • Support via phone call
  • SLA for phone call response – 30 minutes

Support Requirements

  • All support is provided via remote access unless otherwise negotiated.
  • Customer is responsible for providing the security access to the system requiring support.

On-Site Support

  • When on-site support is requested, the customer is responsible for all expenses.
  • Consulting fees are determined at time of request.

Crisis Support

  • Provided when the customer cannot ascertain why the problem is occurring and thus requires assistance to determine the root cause of the problem

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